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About The Idle Pup

The Idle Pup Editorial Team

Hello there, friend! The Idle Pup is a growing blog all about dogs and advice on keeping them. Our team of part-time editors and writers are looking forward to bringing you exciting new content as regularly as we can. Between us, we’ve a vast history of owning dogs of all breeds; we know what you’re up against!

We work with designers and veterinarians to help us craft a blog that is beautiful to look at, informative, and fun to read. We pride ourselves on sharing our life experiences, but we’ll never put our opinion over science. It’s our job to make sure each and every article you read is well-researched, accurate, and helpful!

Our love for animals knows no bounds. We had so much fun creating The Idle Cat to help bring news and guides to our cat lovers’ Instagram community; we decided to create The Idle Pup for dog lovers too. Our blog covers everything from fun posts and naming ideas to health tips and guidance.

Every member who works to build the blog into something beautiful does so with dogs’ best interests at heart.

With that said, we are not veterinarians. Our tips on health and recommendations should not be used in place of professional advice. We’re careful to mention that each time we approach the subject!

With more fresh content in the pipeline and a vision for creating a community in the future, everyone in charge is super excited to get the show on the road.

Getting In Touch

We get a lot of requests inquiring about guest post opportunities, but unfortunately, we do not accept posts from guest authors.

You can e-mail us at the [email protected], and please use a clear subject line so we can spot you in the horde of spam we get daily. We’ll do our best to get back to you as quickly as we can.

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