Dog Beds, Pads & Furniture

Find guides and reviews on all kinds of dog furniture for your home. Keeping your dog safe and entertained indoors is paramount to creating a loving bond that lasts a lifetime. Create a space they love and feel safe in.

Best Orthopedic Bed

The Best Orthopedic Dog Beds

Find the best orthopedic dog beds for reducing discomfort in your dog while lying down. Our expert guide makes choosing the best bed easy peasy.

Potty Pad Training Puppy

Potty Pad Training Your Puppy

Train your puppy to use a puppy pad without any mess. Learn tips on how to make the whole process as smooth as possible for you and your pup.

The Best Outdoor Dog Beds

The Best Outdoor Dog Beds

The great outdoors calls for durable dog beds that are easy to clean, we've tracked down some hidden gems worth buying.

The Best Dog Gates For Home

The Best Dog Gates and Barriers

Need to keep your dog temporarily confined to certain areas? Dog gates make this a breeze. Here, we look at how to pick the correct model and how to set them up.

Creating Dog Safe Zones At Home

Creating Dog-safe Zones In Your Home

Whether it's for training purposes or for peace of mind while you're out of the house; creating dog safe-zones in your home is easy and highly recommended.

The Best Puppy Pads For Toilet Training

The Best Puppy Pads

The best puppy pads make toilet training easy. We look at puppy pads for home and for traveling; picking our favorites from the options available today.

Best Dog Beds Large Dogs

The Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs

Your large dog deserves to be surrounded in comfort and support; we look at the large dog beds that make that possible and pick out our favorites.

Dog Beds, Pads & Furniture

Making your home a safe and comfortable environment is crucial to forming a lasting bond and relieving any stresses that the hustle and bustle of daily life can impose on your pup. From comfortable beds to pads for toilet training and play areas, find ideas for making your home a perfect fit for your dog right here.

Large Dog Beds

Having a large dog poses some challenges that small dog owners will never have to consider; finding dog beds is just one of them. Large dogs, by nature, require comfortable large dog beds, and this means finding a balance between a comfortable sleeping spot for your dog and having the majority of your floor space taken up.

Puppy Pads for Training

Toilet training can be incredibly frustrating and can test even the most patient of owners. Many owners don't have the luxury of training outdoors, so puppy pads are required. The best puppy pads soak up all kinds of spills indoors and allow owners to gradually train their pups to pee where they're supposed to.

Dog Gates and Barriers

Leaving the house for a short while? Having some building work done? Have small children running around you'd like to keep away from the dogs? These are all common scenarios where having indoor dog gates come in handy. Many owners also use them while training, and can even train dogs to respect the boundaries of barriers that have long since been removed from the home.

Outdoor Dog Beds

Lounging in the sun can be a relaxing experience for you and your dog. Keeping them comfortable, cool, and clean in the great outdoors is never easy; a great outdoor dog bed can help. Look for canvas beds that are elevated in a hammock style if possible. Older dogs may prefer a bed that's flat on the ground, but outdoor beds should be thicker than indoor beds as a rule.