Dog Food & Diet

Understanding your dog’s food and dietary requirements is one of the most important parts of caring for them. Our articles and guides help you make informed decisions that keep them eating healthily without breaking the bank. Find nutritious and tasty dog food reviews and much more right here.

Symptoms Food Allergies In Dogs

Symptoms of Food Allergies in Dogs

Dr. Sarah Wooten discusses dog food allergy symptoms, and explains how to recognize some common symptoms that will help your veterinarian diagnose it quickly.

Best Canned Dog Food Guide

The Best Canned Dog Foods

Spoiled for choice when it comes to wet dog food? We look at the best canned food options for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Raw Freeze Dried Dog Foods

The Best Raw Dog Food

Raw dog food is increasingly popular with those seeking a healthier alternative to a regular diet. Follow our guide to find the best brands for raw foods and how to switch to a raw diet.

The Best Senior Dog Foods

The Best Senior Dog Foods

Ensure your senior dog lives a long, healthy life by switching to a senior dog food formula that supports their changing needs.

Dog Food & Diet

Finding the right foods to keep your dog healthy and happy is no mean feat. Owners are often guilty of sticking with the same brands of food despite not having a thorough understanding of their dog's nutritional requirements. Different brands specialize in different things, so taking the time to research and purchase the right type of food for your dog is vital.

Canned and Wet Dog Foods

If you can afford the extra expense, wet dog foods are a fantastic way to ensure your dogs gets far more moisture in their diet. Many owners find that dogs are more likely to have an appetite for wet and canned foods, with some reporting that the best canned dog foods have significant positive impact on their dog's well-being.

Raw Dog Food

Raw dog food diets are something of a sensation. An increasing number of owners are making the switch back to basics and choosing a more natural diet for their dog. The best raw dog foods have quickly become industry favorites, and the benefits of a raw diet are becoming clearer and clearer as more switch away from traditional diets.

Senior Dog Foods

Choosing an appropriate diet for your senior dog is crucial to avoiding common nutrition issues that arise in old age. Unlike adult dog foods, good senior dog food formulas cater especially to the needs of aging dogs, including a lower calorie amount to reflect their slower pace.

Sensitive Stomach Dog Foods

Issues with vomiting? It can be horrible to watch your dog refuse to eat, or have difficulty keeping their food down. If you take the time to consult with your vet, they may recommend a sensitive stomach dog food to limit the amount of things your dog's digestion needs to handle. Sensitive stomach foods are often fairly competitively priced when compared to other illness-specific formulas too.

Limited Ingredient Dog Foods

If you're trying to discover the cause of a sensitivity, and are wondering if there's a more cost-effective way to go around it, you'll likely have pondered on limited ingredient diets. Though they aren't as effective or reliable as vet prescribed foods, even the highest quality limited ingredient dog foods are certainly are significantly cheaper. It's worth reading into what they're used for and how effective they are. You can start with Sarah Wooten's advice on limited ingredient food right here.

Weight Loss Dog Foods

If your dog needs to shift a few pounds, your first stop should be your veterinarian. They'll weigh your pup, decide if action is required, and suggest a feeding plan. Veterinarians will usually recommend what they believe to be the best weight loss dog food for your dog; these are sometimes prescription foods that aren't available over the counter. Despite that, there are weight loss dog foods available that look to lower your dog's calorie intake in a balanced manner.