The Best Dental Chews For Dogs

Best Dental Chews Dog Hygiene

There is nothing quite like giving your dog a good fuss, is there? It’s a great way to bond with them. They love the attention and it’s good for us too.

Trouble is, their breath can smell worse than a refuse lorry. This isn’t a good sign. We brush our own teeth every day and we should ideally do the same for our dog. One easy way of helping maintain their dental hygiene is to give them a daily dental chew. There are plenty to choose from and they’ve been designed to clean around and between your dog’s teeth for fresher breath.

Dental chews are certainly not a like-for-like replacement for proper dental hygiene through brushing, but they can help to control bad breath and tartar before things get out of hand.

Best Dental Chews for Dogs

The Best Dental Chews

Which dental dog treat should you give to your dog? There are lots of great dog chews on the market, so you’re sure to find the ideal one for your pet. They love these treats and they’ll certainly love avoiding any dental treatment at the vet too.

We’ve reviewed some of the best chews available, highlighting their best features so you can decide which ones to buy. Your dog will thank you for it when they realize that they’re going to get one of these delightful treats every day. You’ll appreciate their improved dental health, too. Below are the best dental chews for dogs that help reduce plaque buildup for a fresher healthier mouth.

Greenies Teenie Dental Dog Treats

A green toothbrush… what could be better? Your dog can take full advantage of the tough bristles included in this design. The texture has been created to help remove both plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth. They are also made only from natural ingredients.

The Teenie part of the name also reveals these treats are designed for smaller dogs. They are intended for dogs weighing between five and 15lbs. They also come recommended by vets, so that’s another plus point to consider.

One thing we love about the Greenies Teenies treats is that they come in six pack sizes. You can try your dog with the smallest 11-count pack to start with. If they approve, you can invest in a 130-count pack or purchase a case of four 65-count packs. There is something here to suit every budget and take good care of your little dog’s teeth as well.

Pedigree Dentastix Large Original Dog Treats

Dentastix are very popular with many dog owners. They are an affordable and powerful solution to helping with dog dental hygiene too. Available in four pack sizes, this option provides sticks designed for a large breed dog weighing over 30lbs. You can purchase a seven-count pack to provide enough sticks for a week or choose up to 40 sticks in a value pack.

Dentastix use a patented design shaped like a cross. This shape continues down the length of the stick and has been designed to clean every part of your dog’s teeth. They are tough too, so they last longer and ensure even more cleaning goes on while they eat them.

You’ve also got the reassurance of knowing the Dentastix are clinically proven to work. Dogs experience reduced levels of tartar and plaque with these sticks, not to mention enjoying fresher breath.

OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews for Dogs

Whatever size or breed of dog you have, you can choose from the four available sizes in the OraVet dental hygiene range. Each size range is available in packs of 14 and 30, to provide two weeks’ worth of treats or a whole month for better value.

Each pack contains individually wrapped chews as well, so keeping the remainder fresh after opening is easy. These chews contain delmopinol – an anti-plaque ingredient that helps get rid of plaque on the teeth. It also helps combat bacteria in your dog’s mouth, ensuring their breath smells sweeter than it ever has before.

The stand-out advantage of using these chews is that the delmopinol creates a barrier on your dog’s teeth. This makes it even harder for plaque to form in future. Simply feed your dog one of these chews each day to maintain good dental health and fresh breath.

Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Dog Chews

These dog chews are available in four pack sizes, ranging from petite to extra-large. You’re sure to find the right pack size for your pooch as they’re designed for dogs weighing under 11lbs to those weighing 51lbs and over.

C.E.T. is a market leader in dental care for dogs, so they have an excellent pedigree in creating products designed to provide great cleaning. Many vets approve of their product range, giving you the confidence that you need to go for these dog chews.

They are made from beef hide, providing an abrasive texture that rubs against your dog’s teeth as they chew the treat. They also include a natural source of antiseptic to aid in controlling levels of plaque and reducing bad breath. The chews include an appealing poultry flavor to tempt your dog into enjoying this daily delight. You’ll soon notice a difference in their breath when they try these.

Bones & Chews All-Natural Dental Chew Sticks

Cleaning your dog’s back teeth can be a real problem. The good news is these six-point sticks are designed to clean every tooth in their mouth. The design has been carefully constructed to get to all those problem areas. The convenient 32-count pack is resealable and provides enough treats to last for a full month.

Your dog will love the chicken flavor and the long-lasting nature of the treat. These are tough and designed to last far longer than the average treat. Despite their tough looks, their natural ingredients ensure they can easily be digested. No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives are included.

While the pack comes in just one size to cover all breeds, you can easily cut or break up the sticks if you have a small dog. They’re designed for easy breaking by you but intense chewing for your dog. Tartar and plaque won’t stand a chance.

Virbac C.E.T. VeggieDent Fr3sh Tartar Control Dog Chews

Another great product from Virbac, these VeggieDent chews come in packs of 30 sticks. They are available in extra-small, small, medium, or large options. Each pack is designed for dogs of a certain weight, so it’s easy to identify the ideal option for your pooch.

The tartar control chews are designed to help get rid of tartar and plaque in one fell swoop. They have also been created with a curve along each of the long sides of the chew. This makes it easier for your dog to hold the treat while enjoying a long chew on it.

This would also be the ideal chew if you prefer your dog to eat vegetarian-friendly ingredients. No animal-sourced ingredients are included in the recipe, which includes corn starch and rice flour among other natural ingredients. Feed one chew per day and you’ll soon notice the improvement in their dental health.

DentaLife Daily Oral Care Small/Medium Dental Dog Treat

DentaLife is from the same company that created DentaStix. This version promises a reduction of around 57% in tartar build-up on average. It comes in three pack sizes for small to medium dogs weighing between 20lbs and 40lbs. Choose from a 10-count, 25-count, or 40-count pack.

Another option providing your dog with a great chicken flavor, the DentaLife dog sticks are round, with eight ridges running along their length. This ensures every tooth is taken care of during the chewing process.

You’ll notice the snacks aren’t solid like many others are. Instead, they are porous, created with lots of little air pockets throughout. This means your dog can easily bite into them and the design ensures their teeth will be “brushed” as they do so. They also guarantee cleaning goes all the way to the gumline. The chews are also robust enough to prolong the chewing process.

SmartBones Skin & Coat Care Chicken Chews Dog Treats

Many owners dislike giving their dogs rawhide. These SmartBones are the ideal alternative, ticking all the positives about rawhide while providing something safer and more enjoyable for your dog to chew.

Made from corn, chicken, and selected other ingredients, they are designed to form a key part of your dog’s dental health routine. They’re built to last too, offering you the convenience of keeping your dog engaged with a chewy treat. However, their design guarantees they won’t splinter or break like rawhide might.

They come in one convenient pack of 16 chews, providing enough to last for a couple of weeks. Feed your dog one of these daily and they’ll look forward to it without even realizing it is designed to help keep their teeth clean. Each chew is four inches long and it can be broken into smaller sections if required.

Buyer’s Guide to Dental Chews for Dogs

Guide To Dental Chews

Dental chews form an important part of maintaining good dental health for your dog. They should not take the place of regular brushing though. Ideally, you should introduce your dog to the brushing routine when they are still a puppy.

Humans are supposed to brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes at a time. Your dog’s teeth should be cleaned every day if possible, but you may want to work up to this.

Start small and get your pup used to the brush. Give them lots of praise when they’re good. Over time, you should be able to give their teeth a good brush without them getting frustrated or wriggly. A mix of baking soda and water is perfect for brushing. Never use your own toothpaste as it can harm dogs and puppies.

Using doggy dental chews as part of a good oral health routine

Dental chews provide great support when you are looking after your dog’s dental health. They come in a variety of sizes to suit dogs of every weight and breed. Some are designed for puppies to enjoy, while others are made for adult dogs. Always read the information on each packet to make sure you purchase the right ones for your pet.

Why choose dental chews for your dog?

There are several reasons why these chews are ideal treats to give to your dog. Here are some of the main ones:

In short, these treats are far superior to regular treats you might feed your dog. They also come in several flavors, so you can choose the one your dog loves most.

Things to consider when buying dental dog chews

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you start looking at the available options for the best chew for doggy dental health on the market. We’ve put together a handy guide that covers all the main points you should consider.


It’s hard to compare sizes of these treats as they come in all manner of shapes. Some are shaped like bones with shapes cut out of them to encourage chewing and cleaning of the teeth. Others are shaped like toothbrushes, complete with tough bristles to chew. Others are shaped as sticks, with a cross design running from one end to the other.

The variation in shapes makes it difficult to choose the right dental treat for your dog. Always check the packet to see whether you should purchase a small, medium, or large chew. Each pack should have a weight range included on it. Check this against the weight of your dog to pick the right dental chew for their needs.


Not all dental chews for dogs are created as equal. It’s tempting to buy the cheapest ones you can, especially if you are on a tight budget. However, there have been cases where dog treats sourced from foreign countries have caused some dogs to fall ill. It’s best to always buy from a trusted brand, such as those included in our list. Some countries have far stricter regulations on dog food and treats than others.


All dog treats should have a list that tells you exactly which ingredients are in the treat. Watch out for anything your dog might be allergic to or might have issues with. For example, some dogs have sensitive stomachs. If that’s the case, look out for chews containing only natural ingredients your dog is happy to eat. You can get grain-free dental treats too – perfect if your dog has issues digesting gluten.

Some of these treats may have baking soda included as well. This is a good ingredient to watch out for as it helps get rid of tartar. Not only that, you can look forward to better breath from your dog, as the baking soda neutralizes the bacteria that causes it.

Design and Shape

One thing you will soon notice about these dental treats is that no two are exactly alike when it comes to design. Bone-shaped treats are common enough, although even then they are likely to look different. Some have knobbly exteriors while others are shaped to get around all areas of the dog’s teeth when they start to chew them.

Other chews have a honeycomb structure. When the dog bites into them, the honeycomb brushes past their teeth and helps clean off any plaque or tartar that has built up.

You’ll also notice these treats are tough and built to last. It may take your dog five or 10 minutes to finish one. During that time, the treat will brush around their teeth as they chew it. As such, they are typically designed to get to all their teeth – back and front alike.


Ah yes, the most important element of all – at least it is if your dog could talk! Some chews for dogs come in just one flavor whereas others give you a choice. The usual favorites – chicken, cheese, bacon, and beef – are often represented. Think about the things your dog loves most and try and find a chew in that flavor.

Pack size and price

Some chews come in different pack sizes. When trying a new dental treat, always purchase a small pack to see if your dog approves. If they do, consider whether it would be more cost effective to buy a bigger pack. These are often better value than the smaller ones but do check as this is not always the case.

Some packs can last three or four weeks. They can often be easily re-sealed too, keeping the contents fresh while not in use. Store in a cool dark place and use them as part of your dog’s daily feeding schedule.

Doggy dental chews: The ideal way to preserve your dog’s dental health

Ideal Dental Chews For Fresh Breath

Plenty of dogs end up having bad teeth removed as they get older. That is a shame, as their dental health is easy to look after with a little regular grooming. Nothing compares to brushing their teeth, even if you can only manage it every few days. However, these dental chews are designed to get to all those areas you may not be able to manage.

Perhaps the most appealing perk of buying the best dental chews for dogs is that your dog will be only too happy to try them. Once you find one that they love, it’s easy work to give one to your dog each day.

In doing so, you will have the peace of mind of knowing you are taking good care of their dental health. You might also be able to dodge some expensive vet’s bills for removing bad teeth once they are older. Just another advantage to bear in mind.


It’s great to see a huge and diverse collection of dental dog chews on the market. This should make it far easier to find the one that is best for your own pooch. If you watch your dog as they tackle one of these chews, you will see how it works hard to help keep their teeth as clean as possible.

Unless you have the best-behaved pooch in town, you’ll realize they prefer these treats to a toothbrush. One shouldn’t replace the other, but at least you know you are doing everything you can to look after their teeth throughout their life.

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