The Best Dog Nail Grinders

Best Dog Nail Grinders

Keeping your dog’s claws nice and short is important for their health and safety. Long claws risk getting caught and torn, while they are also uncomfortable for the dog to walk and run on.

While some dog owners opt for clippers to keep their dog’s claws at a manageable length, others prefer nail grinders. They grind down the claws, thereby making them safer than clippers, as it’s much harder to catch the quick.

If you are looking for the best canine nail grinder on the market, we have some of the best suggestions for you to consider in our comprehensive review.

Best Dog Nail Grinders

The Best Nail Grinders For Dogs

The best grinder is the one that will do the job quickly and effectively, allowing you to trim your dog’s nails to the correct length. Some dogs hate clippers and will do anything to get away from them. If you have decided your dog is more comfortable when you use a nail grinder, the ideal tool could be among the following options.

Consider your budget when reviewing potential nail grinding tools to buy. It’s often worth spending a little more to get a professional option that is superior to the cheaper models on the market. Below are the best dog nail grinders to get the job done quickly and painlessly.

Dremel 7300-PT Dog & Cat Nail Grinder

Dremel is a famous brand and this is their highly rated nail grinding tool. It’s compact, measuring just 8in by 4.5in by 2.58in, yet it feels solid to hold. It comes with a 60-grit sanding drum, but you can purchase other sanding drums from the Dremel range to fit it if you’d rather swap to a different grit.

The model is quiet and has a rechargeable battery. According to the product details, a fully charged battery should provide around three hours of use. Ideal, therefore, if you have more than one dog.

The lack of any cords makes it the perfect grinder to hold in a position that is comfortable for you. Furthermore, the Dremel 7300-PT comes with two speeds. This allows for greater control and the ideal speed for the task ahead. It’s also received positive responses from dog owners with all kinds of breeds, so this isn’t restricted to small dogs.

ConairPRO Professional Dog Nail Grinder

This model is quiet, light, and easy to use, so it ticks three of the most important boxes for dog owners looking for a grinding tool. It has a simple on-off switch and is a wired kind requiring an external power supply. Just plug it in, switch it on, and off you go.

We liked the fact this one has instructions on how to change the heads on the device itself. That means when the time comes to change the drum, you won’t need to look around for the instructions or try to figure it out on your own. Just follow the steps, change the attachment, and lock it in place.

It also has an adjustable cover. This minimizes the chance of creating a cloud of nail dust as you grind down your dog’s nails. This model has been designed to appeal to owners with dogs that hate loud noises, as the motor is very quiet.

Hertzko Electronic Dog Nail Grinder

You won’t misplace this bright purple nail grinder in a hurry. This one is a rechargeable model, but unlike many others that use rechargeable batteries, this has a USB charger instead. Plug it into a USB port prior to use and you’ll be ready to begin.

The tool comes with a diamond bit grinder, designed for easy and fast grinding to get the results you want in the shortest time. There are three ports in the top of the grinder, each one designed for claws of a certain size. That makes the Hertzko model ideal for households with two or more dogs of varying sizes.

Another highlight of this smart tool is its Super Mute Motor. This has been designed to minimize vibration during use and to keep the noise level at a minimum. Nervous dogs will certainly feel more comfortable with this tool.

Dremel 7300-PGK Dog & Cat Nail Grinder Kit

Another Dremel product, this one has two speeds. The off button is in the middle, while you can turn it one way for low speed and the other way for high speed as desired.

It also includes a 45-degree guide to ensure you achieve the best and safest results every time. The tool also contains a Paw Guard to keep dust to a minimum and make the job easier to complete.

Since this is part of the Dremel brand, you can purchase replacement attachments for the grinder if required. The sanding discs can also be bought in a separate pack, so you need never run out of supplies.

The 7300-PGK model comes with everything you need, including accessories, a battery, and a charger. When the battery runs down, simply recharge and you’re ready to go.

FURminator Nail Grinder for Dogs

This bright yellow nail grinder is another one you’ll easily keep track of. It also provides you with a cost-effective option if you are looking for an affordable grinder.

Along with the FURminator nail grinder itself, you will receive two grinding bands to use with it. Also included are four AA-alkaline batteries to operate the grinder. Under normal use, these provide 100 hours or more of pain-free grinding. The unit also has a convenient light to assist you in completing the job. The light is positioned to shine onto the nail being ground down, so you can see exactly what you are doing.

You can also appreciate being able to switch from low speed to high speed as you wish. It is also ideal for all dog breeds and would therefore be the perfect choice for a multi-dog family.

Guide to Using and Choosing a Dog Nail Grinder

Guide To Dog Nail Grinders

When most dog owners think of trimming their dog’s claws, their minds go to nail clippers. You know the kind of thing – they look like human nail clippers except they have a curved blade to put the claw into before clipping it. One quick squeeze and the job is done.

Some of the best dog nail clippers are great at making the process as smooth as possible, but, of course, it’s not always that easy. These clippers are simple to use but they run the risk of cutting into the quick. If you’ve ever accidentally done this, you’ll know how much even the tiniest nick can bleed. It can put your dog off having their nails clipped for a long time.

No one wants to expose their pet to unnecessary stress. You are likely to feel more stressed about doing it too – and your dog will sense that.

Fortunately, there is a convenient, easy to use alternative. This is the nail grinder – a tool designed to grind down the nail rather than cutting it in one fell swoop. If you think this might be the preferred option for your pooch, keep reading. We’ve got a complete guide to choosing and using a dog nail grinder.

How does a nail grinder tool work?

The name tells you all you need to know. The tool grinds down the nail until it reaches the desired length. It does this with an abrasive tip that vibrates at high speed. If you feel the tip, you will see that it is much like a harsh sandpaper. It works in the same way, too.

You can get replacement tips for your selected grinder too. These are sometimes called drums or sanding bands. When the existing drum doesn’t grind down the claws very well, simply remove and replace. You should always get the drums or bands that are designed to fit your desired tool. One should be provided with the nail grinding tool when you first buy it.

How does the nail grinder operate?

A nail grinder is operated in one of three ways:

While there are pros and cons to all three, our preference would be for one of the first two. Mains operated models are restrictive in where you can use them. If you have a supply of batteries, you’re always good to go with that version. Meanwhile, rechargeable grinders don’t take too long to charge ahead of using them. You just need to remember to do so ahead of time.

The mains operated ones tend to be among the cheapest. However, you are paying for that price by restricting your use to somewhere that is close to a power socket. If you want the convenience of grinding your dog’s claws wherever you are, go for a rechargeable or battery-operated model.

What are the advantages of using a dog nail grinder?

Just as some dogs are fearful of the dreaded clippers coming out, so are some dog owners. If you hate the thought of accidentally hurting your pooch (and who wouldn’t be nervous of doing that), nail grinders are easier to cope with.

It can also be quite tough to cut through claws using clippers. If you have a hand injury or weakness, grinders are certainly much easier to use. The job does take longer, but many owners prefer having greater control.

It is also difficult to achieve a clean cut through a dog’s claws when you’re using clippers. Sometimes the claw can splinter or crack. While this does not always occur, the risk is there, giving you something else to attend to if it does happen. With the gradual grinding down of your dog’s claws, nothing like this will occur.

Smart reasons to purchase a canine nail grinding tool to trim your dog’s nails

Reasons To Prefer Nail Grinders

Pet owners go for grinders over clippers for many reasons. Some people just prefer them; they may only ever have used grinders and see no reason to change.

However, if you have just brought your first puppy home or you want to stop paying unnecessary vet or dog grooming fees for clipping their claws, you may be wondering if grinders are the way to go.

Here are some of the main reasons why nail grinding tools could be the ideal choice for you and your pooch:

It’s easier to trim dark claws: when a dog has light claws, you can clearly see the pink part at the base. You can see where the blood flow stops. That’s not the case with dark claws, hence why it is far more likely you could accidentally cut into the quick without realizing.

Grinders minimize the chance of this happening, as you can slowly grind down the nail instead of taking a huge chunk off at once.

As you grind, stop every few seconds to look at the end of the claw. If you can see a tiny dot in the middle of it, you know it is time to stop before you hit the quick.

Previous bad experiences with clippers: if a dog has had a few unpleasant experiences with nail clippers, they are not going to be happy when you bring them out to clip their nails next time. It doesn’t matter whether you did it or someone else did – they’re not going to jump with joy!

Although grinders are louder, they can be easier on a stressed dog once they get used to them. Consider how fast and loud a grinder is before purchase. It makes sense to get a quieter model if you can.

Better control over nail trimming: once you cut a dog’s nail with clippers, you’re committed to cutting off that chunk. With grinders, you gradually grind down the nail to reach an acceptable length.

This not only means you can control length more easily it also means you can get an even finish. Clipping often leaves sharp edges – and you’ll know all about those if your dog jumps up to get attention.

How to get started with a nail grinder

It doesn’t matter whether you have a puppy or an adult dog. Either way, make sure you introduce them to the grinder before you intend to use it. Most dogs are inquisitive and will want to know what it is. Don’t turn it on at this stage. In fact, it’s a great idea to turn it on by yourself and understand how it works first. Make sure your dog is out of earshot when you do this. You can gauge how loud it is and how to operate it.

Most dogs respond well to training that introduces treats. So, have a few small treats handy and praise them when you introduce them to the grinder.

Don’t expect to use the grinder on their claws to start with. Build up a few sessions first – show them the grinder, let them explore, and then practice turning it on and off in short bursts.

If you currently get your dog’s claws clipped by a professional groomer, you may wish to continue this for a few weeks. Spend this time getting your dog used to the grinder and the sound it makes. You can then start to use it to grind one claw at a time. Again – short sessions are best. Eventually you’ll be able to grind several in one session with no bother.


Now you know everything there is to know about dog and puppy nail grinders, it’s time to choose the ideal model for you and your pooch. Some are better for larger dogs while others are ideal for all breeds.

Consider your budget, the style and design you are looking for, and the reviews of others who have already bought the item. These elements will steer you in the direction of the ideal grinder for your needs.

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