The Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs

Best Dog Beds Large Dogs

Buying a dog bed for a large dog is easy, right? All you need to do is to buy one that is bigger than a bed you’d get for a small dog.

Of course, there is far more to think about before you make your purchase. Support, material, design… Don’t worry, though – we’ve got you covered. We’re going to review some of the best dog beds around and cover all the things you need to consider before choosing the best bed for your large dog. Stick to our guide and you can’t go wrong.

Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs

The Best Large Dog Bed

A dog bed capable of supporting a large breed needs to be strong enough to support their weight and yet still be comfortable for them to sleep in. This challenge is one that has ably been met and exceeded by some dog bed manufacturers. We’re about to find out which ones got the balance just right.

We’ve picked out our top five beds according to what they are made of, how supportive they are, and why they are ideal for larger breeds. There are some smart and appealing beds in this selection. Which one appeals most?

PetFusion Ultimate Memory Foam Lounge

This smart dog bed comes in four sizes ranging from small to the jumbo option for big dogs to enjoy. The design mimics a sofa style, offering a bolster cushion design on three sides and across a third of the front on either side. If your dog likes to snuggle into some cushions, this is the ideal bed for their needs.

PetFusion has also added a memory foam base to this lounge bed. This measures 4in in the large and extra-large sizes and a full 6in in the jumbo. The bigger the dog, the more support they will enjoy. Add the waterproof bottom to the memory foam layer and you can rest assured your floors will always be safe from accidents.

You can also enjoy a long life from this bed, thanks to the removable cover that is designed to prevent tearing from your dog’s claws. The perfect place to snooze!

Frisco Orthopedic Sherpa Cuddler

When a bed is called the Cuddler, you know your dog is going to approve. This Frisco design adopts an orthopedic solution. It’s one of the best orthopedic dog beds available today.

Underneath the comfy cushion is a foam base to provide that extra support for their joints. Meanwhile, the cushion is filled with polyester fibers and can be removed for easy washing. With each side of the cushion boasting a different design, you can use it however you wish to create the best look.

The bed also has bolsters around all four sides, offering additional support for some serious snuggle time. Available in three sizes up to an extra-large, your dog will thank you if you invest in this design.

The entire bed is machine washable too, so you can easily freshen it up whenever required. A chenille finish also ensures the best level of comfort day in, day out.

FurHaven Plush & Suede Orthopedic

Plush & Suede… now, this sounds luxurious! FurHaven has developed this beautiful large dog bed in a choice of four colourways. Your dog gets the ideal bed and you get one that fits with your home décor. You can purchase this in four sizes going up to the jumbo option. For example, the large measures a sizeable 36in by 27in by 8.5in thick.

Your dog will undoubtedly take advantage of the memory foam base meeting medical grade standards. On top of this, the orthopaedic bed has a plush faux fur topper for a touch of luxury.

The bed has chunky bolsters on three sides, all finished in suede for a fine appearance and extra comfort for your dog. The front remains open, with no bolster for the dog to climb over. This provides an easy way in and out without straining their joints.

Frisco Ortho Textured Plush Pillowtop

If your dog prefers a flat surface to sleep on, consider this pillowtop lounger-style bed from Frisco. Designed with larger breeds in mind, it comes in large, x-large, and xx-large sizes.

The bed is comprised of two layers. The foam base provides ample support during those restful periods, while the soft pillow top is generously stuffed and has a plush surface to guarantee luxury. The bed is covered with a soft chenille jacquard material that can be popped in the washing machine whenever required.

The design includes a grey bottom section that will go well in any room of your home, while the lighter pillow top provides a pleasing contrast. This orthopaedic bed is soft, squishy, and comfortable for larger breeds that prefer not to have bolsters around the edge of their bed. The ideal lounger style for a room of your choice.

K&H Pet Products Memory Sleeper

This is another example of a large breed pet bed that is designed without the bolsters seen in other products. Available in three sizes, the large bed measures a comfortable 29in by 45in, and is 3.75in thick. The memory foam that comprises the bulk of the bed is super thick and provides support for your dog as they nod off to dreamland. They will never feel the floor underneath them with this great sleeper from K&H Pet Products.

The bed is available in three colors – sage, grey, and mocha – so you can choose the one that fits with your own colour scheme. The pleasing two-tone design provides a darker trim around the bed, while the sleeping surface is in a lighter shade.

The cover can be removed in seconds and put in the washing machine for easy cleaning. That is good to know since this is likely to be a popular bed!

Buyer’s Guide to Large Dog Beds

Guide To Big Dog Beds

“We’re going to need a bigger bed.”

With apologies to the iconic movie ‘Jaws’ (and to Steven Spielberg), you might find yourself saying just that if you are looking for a big dog bed for your beloved pooch.

Of course, every dog needs a nice comfy bed to snooze in – somewhere for them to dream about rabbits or squirrels… or whatever else they dream about while twitching their paws. However, there are several things you should be aware of if you are shopping for a pet dog bed that will suit a larger breed.

What happens if you get the wrong bed or don’t bother buying one?

Lots of dogs will happily sleep on the sofa or the bed with everyone else. However, you may not want your dog to do this. Even if you don’t mind, there is rarely any room for a human to get into bed once a large dog has staked its claim to it!

You can see how important it is for your dog to have a bed it can call its own. If you don’t, your dog could suffer from all kinds of issues:

They also like to have their own space and buying a good bed for them will give them somewhere to retreat to if they need it.

How much does your dog weigh?

Of course, bigger dogs weigh more – sometimes much more – than small dogs. That means you need a heavy-duty bed that won’t go flat after just a couple of hours of use. You need one that will do all the following things:

If you’ve only owned small dogs until now, you might think it is enough just to find a dog bed that looks good and goes with the décor of your home. Not so – the best large dog bed must tick off all the above elements. If it doesn’t, you could end up buying another one far sooner than you think.

How thick is the bed?

Bigger dogs will be far more comfortable on a thicker bed, so this is something important to watch out for. Many dog beds for larger dogs are several inches thick. When the dog sits or lays on it, the material will squish down. If it is only a couple of inches thick, the dog is likely to feel as though it is sitting on the floor. Thicker beds won’t create this unpleasant effect.

How big is it?

Big Dog Bed Size

Size does matter here, of course. You will need to measure your dog from the tip of its nose to the end of its tail to get an idea of what size bed will suit them best.

Consider how your dog sleeps, too. Do they curl up in as tight a ball as they can manage? Do they like to be snuggled down with cushions all around them? Or do they prefer stretching out with their legs pointing in all directions?

Some beds provide lots of room but almost no cushioning on any of the sides. Others look like a miniature (or not so miniature) sofa that is a few inches off the ground.

Consider your dog’s habits carefully before making your purchase, so you can choose the most appealing design for them. Always buy something that gives them more room than you think they’ll need though.

Does it include memory foam as part of the design?

Did you think memory foam was restricted to pillows and mattresses for our bedrooms? No – larger dogs can benefit from it for the same reasons we can.

The great thing about memory foam is your dog will feel comfortable no matter what position it gets into. The foam adapts to the position of your pet, supporting their joints and every other part of their body. When they get up, maybe to go out for a walk, the memory foam will spring back into its original position. And when they return, they can snuggle down again for a well-earned snooze.

Is the bed washable?

Who would get a dog bed that wasn’t washable? Most dog beds are, thankfully, especially the more expensive ones. But don’t take this for granted. Check the details for each bed to make sure you can pop it in the washing machine. Many are made from materials that are fast to dry too. This is especially true of outdoor dog beds. A couple of hours hanging outside in the sun and most should be bone dry and ready to use again.

Does it have a water resistant or waterproof base?

Properties Of A Large Dog Bed

You may not be too concerned about this if you have a well-behaved dog that is fully toilet trained. However, young dogs and those who are elderly may benefit from having a bed with a waterproof layer on the bottom.

A washable bed like this can easily be cleaned and back in use again in no time. Furthermore, if an accident does occur, the liquid won’t make it through to cause damage to your floor – especially if you don’t spot it straightaway.

Some beds also have a skid-proof bottom, which means the dog won’t easily be able to trail it all over the house. (Some dogs are like that. Only mine? Okay.)

Will it last?

This is a question most people want to know about anything they buy. It certainly applies to dog beds for bigger dogs. You’ll want to be sure you are getting your money’s worth from your chosen bed. So, how can you tell whether the bed you have your eye on is going to last for a while?

Looking at dog bed reviews is a good idea here, as they provide essential clues that can answer this question for you. What do other buyers think? Some people return to update their reviews at a later stage, giving you further information about the longevity of the dog bed you’re looking at.

Sometimes, you will read about people who have bought a bed and then returned to get another one, so their dog has one upstairs and one downstairs. That is a good sign that you’ve found a good dog bed.

The best large dog bed for your dog’s health

Older dogs are more likely to suffer many of the ailments we can fall victim to as humans. Arthritis and degenerative joint conditions are common. Hip dysplasia can also occur in some larger dog breeds.

While a large bed cannot resolve these conditions, it can make your dog far more comfortable when sleeping. This is one reason why memory foam beds are so popular among owners of large breeds. They can be sure their dog is comfortable, and their joints are fully supported. This also gives the dog a chance to sleep more peacefully.

Shopping for a bed for your large breed pooch can be daunting. However, you now know what you should be looking for when reviewing the different options. The more you know, the easier it will be to spot the right bed for your dog. If you manage to do that, they will certainly thank you for it in whatever way they can.


Dog beds designed for larger breeds are versatile and made from materials designed to support their weight and joints. If you think about how your dog likes to sleep and what they like to have around them, you can narrow the above options to their dream bed.

Memory foam is a clear winner in this category. We’d recommend it to owners of all larger dogs, even if they do not have joint problems or other degenerative conditions. It offers by far the greatest degree of comfort day in, day out.

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