The Best Puppy Pads

The Best Puppy Pads For Toilet Training

Nothing beats the joy of bringing home a new puppy. However, the excitement soon wears off when you realize it’s time to start puppy training. An essential component of this is housebreaking or toilet training.

If they haven’t had their full course of injections yet, they won’t be able to go outside. Even if they do have a safe area to go in, you’ve got to train them to understand that’s where they must go.

Many pet owners find this the hardest part of the training process. However, the best puppy pads make life far easier for you and for your puppy, as we’ll discover here.

Best Puppy Pads

Best Pee Pads For Puppies

If you’re in the market to buy puppy pads, it’s difficult to know which ones will provide the reliability and toughness you’re looking for. Getting the cheapest brand is not always the best idea, as they can be lower rated than many of the better and pricier options.

We’ve highlighted our pick of the top five pads here. We have ample experience of using these pads to train our pups, so we’ve got the inside knowledge you can benefit from. Take a better route to toilet training by selecting the right pads to help you and your puppy along the way. Here are the best puppy pads for training your toilet training puppy without any hassle.

Frisco Training and Potty Pads

These generously sized pads are perfect for all puppy breeds. Measuring 22in by 23in, they are available in packs of 100, 150, and 200 pads. That’s enough to keep your puppy going for a good while, so you need not worry about running out anytime soon.

Although these are unscented, they come with an attractant impregnated into each pad. This is designed to encourage your pup to use the pad rather than going anywhere else.

Other aspects of the design also make these pads worth using. The upper quilted layer allows fluid to soak in and dry very quickly, thanks to the multiple layers included in the design. You can also rely on the plastic lining at the bottom of the pad, which prevents any leakage through to your floors. Perfect if you need to leave your puppy unattended for a while and may not immediately spot that they’ve used the pad.

Wee-Wee Pet Training and Puppy Pads

The new design of these Wee-Wee training pads ensures they are 25% more absorbent than the originals. You can purchase these in eight differently sized packs too. Buying in bulk makes sense when your puppy first arrives home, but later you can still use the same pads in smaller quantities as you reach the end of the toilet training stage.

These absorbent pads feature six layers that provide perfect leakproof performance every time. They also contain a gel that soaks up all the urine, so you won’t experience anything running off the pad and onto your floor.

Each pad is nicely sized at 22in by 23in and includes an attractant to get your pup’s attention whenever they want to go. Combined with training, these unscented pads provide the support you need to get the message across when teaching your puppy where to go.

Simple Solution Washable Training and Travel Pad

Training your puppy is hard enough. Add traveling into the mix and it can be harder still. Would you want to carry a huge pack of puppy pads with you if you went on holiday?

There’s no need, thanks to this sensible Simple Solution product. These large pads – each measuring a massive 30in by 32in – provide a reusable solution when you’re on the move. The pack includes two large pads that can easily be washed in any washing machine.

The top sheet is designed to draw moisture away from it, thereby providing a safe and convenient toileting solution. The twin pack is also ideal if you would rather go for reusable pads instead of opting for throwaway ones.

While these pads are perfect for toilet training, they are also ideal for situations whereby your dog may not be able to go outside. For example, they can be used after surgery or simply for additional protection at night for older dogs.

Wee-Wee Extra Large Puppy Housebreaking Pads

Are you looking for larger puppy pads to help with housebreaking? These generously sized 28in by 34in pads are ideal for larger puppy breeds, yet they feature everything you would expect to see in the classic Wee-Wee pads.

Available in four pack sizes, the pads are fully leakproof and include five layers, two of which are specifically designed to draw in liquid from the surface. There is a polymer core included too, which can soak up far more wee than you might think (ideal for bigger puppies).

These are great pads to use if you are going to leave your puppy on its own for an hour or more. The top layer is designed to resist shredding, so you needn’t worry about your pup tearing or damaging it and making the pad unusable. This pack from the Four Paws brand is sure to provide you with the support you need during training.

Hartz Home Protection Odor Eliminating Dog Pads

Protecting your home is what puppy pads are all about. This pack of pads are scented with lavender too, ensuring your home always smells nice and fresh. They’re available in four convenient pack sizes and they measure 21in by 21in, making them ideally suited to smaller puppies.

They’ve been designed with all-round leak protection, so nothing can leak out of any area of the pad. Furthermore, they include Flash-Dry technology. When urine hits the pad, it is absorbed by a high-quality gel, minimizing any odor and eliminating the chance of leakage.

These elements ensure you can safely leave your puppy unattended in a safe spot, or home alone for a while. The pad soaks up whatever they do, and you won’t come home to a nasty aroma. They can also be used on furniture or in the car if need be, providing peace of mind for you.

Guide to Buying and Using Puppy Pads

A Guide To Potty Pad Training

Puppies are cute, cuddly, and very playful. That is… until they squat and pee all over your carpet, your laminate, or your tiles. Of course, you should expect accidents when toilet training your puppy. No puppy magically learns how to go to the toilet in your preferred place without plenty of hard work and training beforehand.

Hence why many owners start using puppy pee pads to help them with their training efforts. The pads won’t magically work by themselves, of course. However, when used as part of a concerted effort to toilet train your pup, you’ll be glad you have them around.

What are puppy pads?

It’s a simple name for a simple yet effective method to help you train your puppy to go to the toilet exactly where you want them to.

Most pee pads are made from two layers:

These two layers are stuck together to form the entire pad. The plastic underside goes directly onto the floor, providing a waterproof barrier. The puppy pees or poos on the gauze, which soaks up any mess and prevents your floor getting wet or messy. All you need to do then is to carefully fold up the puppy pad and bag it. A standard nappy sack or large poo bag designed for dogs is ideal for this. Scented ones are perfect!

The pads come in convenient packs, much like nappies do, and are typically folded into handy sizes. All you need to do is remove one from the pack, unfold it, and lay it down wherever you want the dog’s toilet area to be.

The design can vary between manufacturers. For example, some are impregnated with a pleasant scent that aids in masking the scent of wee or poo. Others are impregnated with scents that are supposed to encourage the puppy to use them.

Of course, the puppy won’t use the pads unless you train it to understand it should do so. This is the most crucial part of the process. If you get it right, these dog pads will be one of the best things you can buy to aid in the toilet training process.

Why use puppy pads?

Just like babies, puppies don’t get much notice before they need to wee or poo. They could be playing one moment and peeing the next. Even if you are with them, the pup may not exhibit any signs of wanting to go. You might be more successful if you’ve already trained a puppy, as you’ll know the signs to look for. Even then though, puppies are not all identical to each other. You won’t prevent every accident from happening, but the best puppy pads will make toilet training far easier than it might otherwise be.

Of course, many pet owners will choose these pads because they want to protect the floors in their home. Laminate and lino are easier to clean, but even then, do you want to be cleaning all day?

Meanwhile, carpets can be ruined by your puppy’s excretions, especially since it is very difficult to get the stains and odors out of the pile. Your puppy’s sense of smell is far stronger than yours. You may think you have cleaned your carpet properly, and yet your puppy continues to go on the same spot they did before. They’ve marked their territory, and they will continue to use that same territory if they can.

Another reason for using these pads is that you may not be able or willing to let them go outside to start with. Even if your garden is secure, it may regularly be visited by foxes and other animals. If so, there is a chance your pup could pick up a disease from the wildlife in your garden before it is fully protected by its jabs. A puppy pad allows you to keep them indoors until they have had their second jab.

Of course, the same applies if you live in a flat without a garden. You don’t want to be going downstairs time and again in these early stages. Using pads means you do not need to worry about this.

How to start training your puppy to use the pads

Toilet Training With Puppy Pads

Using puppy pads will encourage your pup to go where you want them to. Getting the training started from the moment they come home is vital. This enables you to get the process underway as soon as they enter their new home.

It is important to use strong verbal commands to help you get the message across. Choose a place for the pad, so it is always in the same spot (more about this shortly). The puppy will get to know where it is.

If your puppy starts peeing or pooing anywhere other than on the pad, tell them firmly ‘no’ and carry them to the pee pad. You’ll need to clean up, of course, but they should grow to associate going to the toilet with standing on the pad. Persevere and make sure you use the same ‘no’ command in a firm voice (or another command that makes sense) every time.

You should also get into the habit of commanding your puppy to go on the pad at certain times. After playing and after eating are the most obvious examples. Again, use a strong command to help reinforce the message. Here are some examples:

You get the idea. Whichever one you choose, make sure you use that command every single time. Your puppy will become familiar with it and will get the association between that command and going to the toilet.

Where should you position the pad?

Try and place it in a room with a floor that can easily be mopped if possible. A tiled kitchen floor would be ideal. Consider also where you might safely leave your puppy in a pen or room if you need to leave them for a short time. You might have chores to do around the house, and you may not be able to keep an eye on your puppy, for instance.

Create a safe area by using a pen or pet gates to limit their space. The puppy pad should also be on the floor in that area, so they will know that is where they can go when the urge strikes. There might be accidents, of course… hence why it’s best to select a spot where you can mop the floor if you need to. Even the best-trained puppies miss the pad occasionally.

Should you put a pad inside your pup’s crate?

If you are crate training, don’t be tempted to put a pad in with your puppy. This crate provides a haven, a place to sleep, and a place to feel safe.

Don’t leave your puppy in the crate for too long at a time and be ready to get them out for toileting whenever required. They should also be encouraged to use the pee pad before going into the crate.

The longer you leave them in the crate, the more likely it is you’ll have a mess to clear up when you return. However, even if you only leave them in there for a short time, you might still get the occasional mishap. That’s to be expected, so don’t worry too much about it. The overall progress you and your puppy are making is far more important and easier to achieve with good puppy pad training habits.

Praising your puppy for a job well done

Pee Pads For Dogs And Puppies Rewards

When your puppy goes on the pad provided for them, be sure to praise them. A simple ‘good boy’ or ‘good girl’ in an encouraging voice will suffice. Be sure to have some small training treats close at hand for these delightful occasions. The puppy will learn they receive a treat whenever they use the pad for their toileting needs. Give them a fuss too – they’ll get the message!

You should do this even if you had to carry your puppy to the pad for them to go. Making that connection between an action from them and a positive reaction from you is very important.

How long does it take to train your puppy to use a pad?

This depends on the puppy. Some get the hang of it very quickly. Others leave their owners wondering if they will ever get the hang of it.

The most important things to remember are these:

There will be times when your efforts seem to be getting you nowhere. However, the puppy pads will act as a supportive measure when going through the toilet training stage.


From experience, I can say it is always better to go for a larger pad that gives your puppy plenty of room to go. Looking for ‘lock-in technology’ or something similar is another plus point. It means you can be sure nothing leaks out, even when your puppy does successfully go on the pad.

In short, with the right puppy pads, your toilet training efforts can be made far easier and more pleasant. Just what you need for a taxing time in your puppy’s life!

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