The Best Orthopedic Dog Beds

Best Orthopedic Bed

If age, illness, or injury has got the better of your dog, it might be time to change the bed they are using. Orthopedic dog beds are made from special components that are designed to provide extra support where it is most needed.

There are beds for all sizes of dogs too, so whatever breed you have, you can count on finding a supportive bed that will make them far comfier. Don’t miss our guide to buying an orthopedic bed for your dog, along with our pick of the best ones on the market today.

Comparing the Best Orthopedic Dog Beds

NameBed TypeSizes
Armarkat Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed Pillow All
Frisco Orthopedic Sherpa Cuddler Dog Bed Bolster All
FurHaven Comfy Couch Orthopedic Dog Bed Bolster Large+
K&H Feather-Top Orthopedic Pet Bed Pillow All
Frisco Orthopedic Textured Plush Bolster Dog Bed Bolster Large+
MidWest QuietTime Defender Teflon Orthopedic Bed Bolster All

What makes one supportive dog bed better than another? As you are about to see, there are lots of options around that you should consider. This is not a purchase to rush into.

Rather, you should consider the various available options, brands, and features. The ideal combination could be very different for one dog when compared to another. Only you know what your dog loves the most when it comes to finding a soft spot to sleep in. Below you’ll find a list of what we consider to be the best orthopedic dog beds available today.

The Best Orthopedic Dog Beds

1. Armarkat Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed

Armarkat’s wonderful memory foam dog bed is hands down one of the best orthopedic dog beds around. We can’t recommend it highly enough.

The faux suede cover allows your dog to recover in comfort, all while supported by real memory foam that helps to distribute their weight most comfortably.

This excellent weight support reduces discomfort and leaves your dog feeling relaxed and re-energized in a way that most other beds struggle to achieve.

A pillow style, memory foam bed such as this is perfect for dogs who struggle with getting on to higher beds; the memory foam base offers a whole lot of comfort while retaining a relatively low profile.

2. Frisco Orthopedic Sherpa Cuddler & Cushion Dog Bed

This versatile and snuggly bed comes in three sizes and several finishes too, so you can be sure it will suit your home and not just your pooch. The two-piece design offers a bottom section with a bolster running all the way around it for comfort.

Meanwhile, the inner cushion is removable and easy to machine wash, ensuring it looks good day in, day out. The bolster and cushion both benefit from being filled with soft fluffy polyester fibers, while the base is made from supportive orthopedic foam. Choose the right size for your dog and watch them settle in.

3. FurHaven Comfy Couch Orthopedic Sofa Dog Bed

This orthopedic bed is made from the best medical-grade foam, offering complete support just where it is most needed. It can be purchased in one of five sizes from small to jumbo plus, ensuring every breed can snuggle down and sleep better than ever. It is also available in three colorways.

The design features a chunky bolster along the back and the sizes, while the soft cover extends to the front of the bed to make it easier for your pet to climb in. Featuring a water-resistant base, a zippered removable cover for easy machine washing, and egg-crate foam to ensure easy airflow.

4. K&H Feather-Top Orthopedic Pet Bed

Available in three sizes, this bed from the K&H range boasts many appealing features. The medical-grade base is made from foam, while the topper is 1.5 inches thick and contains duck feathers for complete comfort, finished in luxury suede.

These two elements work together to make sure your pet is comfortable throughout the night and day. You can remove the cover and pop it in the wash to keep it looking good. The neutral design means it should easily fit into any home, no matter where you decide to keep it.

5. Frisco Orthopedic Textured Plush Bolster Dog Bed

This plush orthopedic bed from the Frisco range can be purchased in three sizes from large to XX-large, so it is ideal for bigger dogs who need more support. That support is provided by the shredded foam filling that keeps it plump.

A raised bolster runs along the back before dipping slightly as it reaches the front of the bed on either side. The front remains open to allow for easier access for your dog. The bed is covered in gray chenille, while the cover itself is easy to remove and wash whenever required.

6. MidWest QuietTime Defender Teflon Orthopedic Bed

This cute bed is one of the more affordable options yet is still available in no fewer than five sizes. It makes use of an egg-crate design in the base, along with a chunky foam bolster to provide additional support.

The nesting design means there are high bolsters with a dipped area at the front for easy access. Once inside, your pooch can snuggle up and feel comfortable. The removable cover is ideal for washing, and it also features a Teflon coating that repels anything that might cause it to stain or smell.

Our Expert Guide to Orthopedic Dog Beds

Buying Orthopedic Dog Bed

Much as we might hate to admit it, all dogs age. When they reach their later years, they are more likely to suffer from health issues such as arthritis, just as their owners can. This makes it even more important to make sure your pooch can sleep and curl up as comfortably as possible.

However, while older dogs are in greater need of a comfy spot to sleep and relax, there are other reasons a more comfortable dog bed might come in useful at certain points in their life:

Enter the orthopedic dog bed. This is a specific type of pet bed designed to give greater support than a standard bed might do. You’ll soon see there are plenty of options to choose from, so it is a good idea to consider some basic pointers before you start.

What size bed does your dog need?

Maybe you have a Yorkshire terrier. Or maybe you have a Great Dane. We all know there are many different sizes of dog between those two.

Measure the bed your dog has now and use those as rough measurements when shopping for a new orthopedic bed for your dog. If there isn’t much room left on the bed when your dog gets in or on it, look for something a little bigger. A high quality large dog bed will give them more room to relax. Just what you should be aiming for.

One other point to mention here – some beds come in different sizes, i.e. small, medium, and large. Always check if there are alternative sizes available when you spot a bed you like, even if it seems the wrong size for your pet.

What is the bed made from?

Most beds of this kind use thick foam to provide the bulk of the bed itself. Memory foam often features, as this more readily molds to the size and shape of your pooch. Look out too for terms such as therapeutic foam or orthopedic foam, which can both feature in the descriptions for these beds.

You might also want a bed with a removable and washable cover. This is particularly good as older dogs may have incontinence problems. If a dog has just had surgery, there is also the possibility that blood stains may occur. Being able to quickly wash and replace the cover is a great advantage.

Some beds also have waterproof bases to them, although the best option to look for is a bed with a completely waterproof cover. This not only protects your floors from potential damage, it also means the foam interior won’t get wet or stained. It’ll also make the dog bed suitable for outdoor use. You’ll likely pay more for the feature, but it is well worth it as the bed will last far longer.

Does the bed include bolsters?

These are raised sides that can occur on one, two, three, or all sides of the bed, depending on the model. They give your dog more support and a pillow to rest their head on. Some dogs love this, but others prefer having a flat bed with no bolsters.

Think about what your dog prefers and then look for a bed that most closely matches this.

Does the bed have cooling properties?

This may not be required, but since some dogs easily get warm when they are curled up in bed, this could be a good option if your dog falls into that category. The cooling element is usually provided in one of two ways:

Both methods encourage your dog to remain cooler than they would on a traditional dog bed.

Does the bed come with a guarantee?

It should, and that guarantee should last for at least 6 months. The more expensive beds sometimes come with a longer guarantee. For example, the manufacturer might guarantee it against a loss of its original shape when you bought it.

The presence of a good guarantee on an item that get used daily such as a dog bed makes it likely you’ve found a good choice for your orthopedic dog bed.

A word on price

You can see these beds often have several notable features to look out for. Price varies widely between ranges, brands, and even stores. However, one thing to be aware of is that the better the bed, the more likely it is it will be more expensive. This isn’t always the case, and some of our choices here show clearly that extremely high quality orthopedic dog beds can be found at affordable prices, but it tends to be a general rule among other options on the market.

Remember you are paying for the comfort of your dog though. Trying to save a little money may mean your dog doesn’t get the most comfortable bed for their needs. And that, after all, is the aim here – to find the ideal orthopedic dog bed for your pet.


Whatever size or breed your dog is, and whatever health issues or age challenges they face, it’s great to know their ideal bed is out there waiting to be discovered.

You’ll have an idea what size to buy when you start shopping, but we recommend you check sizing rather than assuming a large in one brand is identical to a large in another. There are no standard sizes, so this is the most important feature to start with.

Once you understand the many available features and which ones will suit your pet, you can choose the best orthopedic dog bed for your own much-loved pooch.

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