The Best Outdoor Dog Beds

The Best Outdoor Dog Beds

Think of a dog bed and you probably think about a squishy, comfortable, indoor bed to pop in their favorite snuggly corner of your home. However, while our pet pups are likely to love those beds, they’re likely to love an elevated dog bed too. These beds are designed to use outdoors, although they can easily be used indoors as well.

If you’re on the look-out for one of these beds (or you’re just plain curious), read our comprehensive review of the best outdoor dog beds on the market today. There’s bound to be one to suit your pooch.

The Best Outdoor Dog Beds

You are about to discover the impressive selection of designs you can choose from when purchasing an outdoor bed for your dog or puppy. The more you know about the various features and benefits these beds provide, the easier it will be to work out which one is going to be ideal for your dog.

While outdoor beds are usually very different from indoor beds, some can be used in multiple locations. This makes them even more versatile than you might think. One of the following designs could be just what you are looking for. Below are our top picks for the best outdoor dog beds suitable for dogs of all ages.

Frisco Steel-Framed Elevated Pet Bed

If you want to keep down the cost of purchasing an elevated pet bed, this Frisco model could be just the one for you. This affordable model comes in three sizes and four different colors, providing you with lots of appealing options to choose from.

The steel frame is powder-coated for longevity and is easy to put together. The legs extend beyond the hammock-style part of the bed, providing greater stability with far less chance of it tipping over.

The cover is easy to put on and is coated in a tough PVC layer. This guarantees a longer life, although you can buy replacement covers if you need to. The design makes for simple and fast cleaning when required. Despite the PVC coating, the material is still breathable, ensuring greater comfort for your pooch. The design is completed with some feet that won’t skid or move on any floor.

Chuckit! Outdoor Dog Bed

If you regularly take your dog on camping trips or other holidays, this Chuckit! travel bed would make a smart choice to keep them comfortable. It can be used in the car, in a holiday rental property, inside a tent while out camping… the possibilities are endless.

The pillow-style bed is designed to sit on the floor, offering a rip-proof bottom to prevent damage during use. It comes in just one size – a generous 30in by 39in that would suit most dog breeds.

When purchasing the bed, you will receive a ‘stuff sack’ along with the bed itself. Simply roll the bed up and pop it inside the sack, pulling the drawstring top to ensure it remains safely inside it during travel. This minimizes the size of the bed and makes it super easy to pack. You can also pop the bed in the washing machine – its breathable nature makes it quick to dry.

Coolaroo Steel-Framed Elevated Dog Bed

This is another smart steel-framed design that will keep your pet nicely supported while keeping them off the ground. The four available colors ensure you will be able to select the best one for your surroundings – ideal if you are going to use it indoors as well. You can also select the small, medium, or large bed size to suit your dog.

The Coolaroo elevated pet bed comes with a powder-coated steel frame that is impressively light. This makes it simple to move around if required. The fabric is made from polyethylene, so you can expect a tough and long-lasting bed for your dog to use. The material is breathable too, giving your dog additional comfort and preventing them from getting too hot while laying on it.

This would be the ideal indoor-outdoor bed to use if your dog loves the hammock design. It is resistant to fleas and mites too.

Gen7Pets Cool-Air Outdoor Pet Bed

Fancy something a little different? The quirky sofa design is a great option for those who want an elevated bed in a funky blue color. Available in medium and large, the Gen7Pets Cool-Air bed is also a good choice if your dog likes to feel snuggled and supported. Very few beds of this kind have raised panels on one or more sides, so this is a great design to pick if that is important for your dog’s comfort.

This pet bed is also designed to be easy to put together and take apart when required. If you go camping a lot with your dog, this is the perfect solution to ensure they are comfortable all night long.

It is far stronger and more supportive than you might think too. It features a sturdy frame, aerated material to sleep on, and a great design that takes moments to put together. You’ll certainly have this up and ready to use before that tent…

Kurgo Loft Wander Outdoor Dog Bed

Available in medium and large, this Kurgo bed is perfect for travel. The bed has nice puffy edges for support, while the bottom is made from Rufftex, ensuring it won’t rip at the first sign of uneven ground. It’s durable and waterproof too, providing the perfect bed for adventurous dogs who regularly go hiking or camping with their owners.

The Loft Wander dog bed also benefits from a quilted design to guarantee your dog’s comfort after a long hike. You can also roll it up just as you would a sleeping bag. It comes with clips to keep it rolled up in place, and even has a carry handle so you can transport it quickly from one place to the next. This would be easy to clip onto a rucksack if you’re enjoying some wild camping. Its generous size also means it would be ideal for the car or caravan.

K&H Pet Products Just Relaxin’ Outdoor Dog Bed

Not all dogs like raised beds for the garden. If you would like a bed that can easily be used indoors and then transferred outdoors in good weather, this dog bed is perfect.

Available in a generous 48in by 36in size, it measures a chunky 3.5in thick, providing superb comfort day in, day out. You can buy it in chocolate or green too, giving you a choice of natural shades to suit your home.

This smart bed has piping around the edges and a cute paw print logo in one corner. You need not worry about the colors fading when it is used outdoors, either. The cover is UV treated and fade resistant, so it will continue to look good long after purchase.

For ease of use, you can remove the cover in seconds by unzipping it. Pop it in the washing machine and it’ll be bright and clean once again, drying in no time. The water-resistant properties of the cover are perfect for occasional outdoor use.

Choosing The Right Outdoor Bed For Your Dog

Guide Outdoor Dog Beds

What makes a good outdoor dog bed? That’s the big question we should answer when looking to purchase such a bed. Before we can do that, we should think about why we might want to buy one.

Why should you consider purchasing an outdoor dog bed?

The main reason is to give them somewhere comfortable to snooze when the weather is hot. If you have ever walked barefoot on concrete or paving stones during hot weather, you’ll know how uncomfortable it is. Your dog won’t like it either, hence why we shouldn’t walk our pups when the weather is hot. It can burn their paws.

They do like snoozing in the sun though, especially if we’re outside in the garden as well. That’s why an outdoor pet bed is such a good idea. It is usually elevated above ground level, providing somewhere cool for them to relax and enjoy being outdoors.

It is also a good idea to buy one if you go camping and take your dog with you. It saves them from laying on the ground. This may be uncomfortable for them, especially overnight or if the ground is damp. Other holidays and trips are also made more comfortable for your pet if you take the bed with you.

So, now we know why to buy a dog bed for outdoors, we should consider what to look for when choosing the ideal dog bed for this purpose and location.

Essential design elements to look for in an outdoor pet bed

How big is it?

Raised beds come in various sizes. You will typically see small, medium, and large, although the sizing may vary between different providers. It’s a good idea to purchase a raised dog bed that is larger than your pet needs. This will give them room to move around without getting close to the edges – something that might prove uncomfortable.

Does it have a raised design?

Not all outdoor pet beds are identical. Some still sit on the floor, albeit offering a thicker bed base than you’d see in some large indoor dog beds. The preferred design for an outdoor bed is the hammock design. This has a rectangular or square frame and a canvas cover that goes over it. The dog can then lay on the hammock and enjoy good support while sleeping outside.

This is the best design if you want to be able to take it apart whenever required, perhaps for storage during the winter.

Is it portable?

This won’t be an issue for every dog owner. However, if you go on holiday with your pooch as we do, you might want to look for a bed that will easily come apart and stow away inside a canvas bag. You’d be surprised how small some of these bags are. The bed should be easy enough to put up and down in a minute or two, so your dog can be comfy wherever you (and they) are.

Which materials are used to construct the bed?

Raised dog beds often have metal frames. Not all are collapsible, so check how the bed is constructed before you buy. If you need to be able to take it apart to take on holiday or store inside during the winter, you’ll want something compact when it’s not in use. The better designs often have tough plastic feet to cover the metal, ensuring it won’t go rusty if the ground is wet.

The bed itself should be made from tough material. Canvas is a good choice. They should be removable and washable. Some models have replacement covers available should you need them. The material should be designed to withstand your dog’s claws. Some are waterproof too, offering greater protection against the elements.

Do you want a dog bed ideal for indoor and outdoor use?

Not all exterior dog beds use the hammock design. Some of the cheaper models are designed to sit on the floor just as a regular dog bed does. It could be you are thinking of purchasing a new bed for your dog and you want something that will work just as well indoors and out.

In this case, the ideal solution would be to opt for a versatile bed you can use anywhere. Watch out for a design featuring the following elements:

Finding the right outdoor bed for your dog

There are lots of great designs for exterior dog beds on the market today. That’s good news for you as it means you are likely to find just the one you need. However, it is a good idea to consider which model would be best for your dog before you buy one.

Here are some elements to think about.

Can your dog easily climb onto a raised bed?

Older dogs may have trouble climbing onto the hammock-style outdoor beds that are popular among today’s pet owners. If so, a thick bed with a waterproof backing would be preferable to the raised bed design.

Do they prefer a thick squishy surface to lay on?

If the answer is yes, this is another reason to opt for an outdoor pet bed that is designed to sit on the ground rather than being raised off it. The hammock-style beds often come without any other bedding to go with it. If they do, it is usually available to purchase separately – pushing up the cost for you. Orthopedic dog beds exist to reduce discomfort when lying down, and if that’s something your dog suffers with, you may be better reading this article on choosing orthopedic dog beds.

Does your dog frequently travel with you?

If so, you need to find a dog bed that will easily roll up or can be taken apart and stored in a bag. The good news is there are portable dog beds available in each of these designs, so you can find one your dog will be happy to use and that you can also carry around whenever required. This is even more important if you go hiking or camping and need to get a lightweight bed to add to the rest of your gear.

Durability: The most important element of all

It doesn’t matter how or where you intend to use your exterior dog bed. It could be in the car, in the garden, in the middle of nowhere… whatever the case may be, durability is going to be at the top of your list of priorities.

Of course, your dog should be comfortable and happy with your choice of bed. However, from your point of view, great value for money is important too. This doesn’t necessarily mean choosing the cheapest dog bed. It means investing in a dog bed your pooch is going to love and get lots of use out of. You don’t want to spot fraying material or rusted metal legs within weeks of buying it.

One final tip: Be sure to read some of the reviews for any outdoor pet beds you consider buying. You’ll get an idea of what other dog owners have made of them, and whether they might also be right for you and your dog. Spending some time reviewing the various options makes it easier to select the perfect bed.

Our Final Conclusion

When we are fortunate to have some good weather, it’s nice to see our dogs enjoying it too. As always, pet owners should take responsibility and ensure their dogs are happy and safe when sunning themselves outdoors. Buying an outdoor dog bed of any design means they have a safe spot to lay down without getting too hot laying on the patio.

Think about what you would like to get out of a bed like this, and what your dog would love most. Use that knowledge to steer you towards the ideal exterior dog bed for your beloved pooch.

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